About Alcheringa Cottage

Our Market Garden
At Alcheringa Cottage, we respect seasonal changes by farming and eating seasonal produce. We enjoy the ever changing menu based on warm South Coast sunshine of summer,  and then the snap of the cold coastal winter. Contact Alcheringa to order a seasonal bag of market garden produce, or follow us on Facebook for updated of available produce.
Like our vegetables, fruits and salads, our eggs are also seasonal. We love and respect our hens and understand their need and responses to seasonal changes and age. If our hens are not laying, we simply have fewer eggs to offer. Alcheringa is home to a variety of birds, including chickens, ducks, quail and turkey.  Follow us on Facebook for shout outs about egg availability.
Free Range Eggs
From the Kitchen
We offer a selection of Pammy Jammy's, jams, chutneys and sauces, based on seasonal availability. It is a joy to share our fresh baked biscuits, bread, cakes and muffins at the Edward Rd Market Place.
From toys to hair accessories, jewellery and bunting, we share our love of handmade crafts with our range of quality keepsakes and accessories. Crafted on the farm and made with love, our handmade items make for a wonderful gift. We will soon have our full range in our online stall - currently under construction.
Handmade with Love